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  • 2020


On the high plateaus of the Rif, in the North-East of Morocco, swept by the sea winds, live Sufunis the poetess and Youba the tambourine player. They belong to the tribe of Imediazen, Berbers settled on these lands for millennia.

But times have changed and the reality is quite different. Despised and singled out as belonging to the tribe of shame and all vices, Sufunis and Youba face a society which has suddenly fallen into fanaticism. Poets and musicians, heirs to a ancestral art, they are ostracized from a society that is looking for itself and where, in the past, they brought the joy of living in the villages.

Denying his identity as Amediaz by abandoning his musical instrument, Youba betrays this who brought them together. Sufunis tries to avoid the worst for their couple by returning to the poetry and music that brought them together. Between resignation and combat, much more is played out
than a love story: the story of a people.

Production company : IMAGE IN FILMS


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