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Le Chant de la Sirène ▶️

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  • 2022


A fisherman sees a mysterious little wooden house appear on a nearby island, the house seems uninhabited but mysteriously changes colour every day.

The engine of his boat failing, he decides to go and inspect the island by rowing, from the only window he sees a woman’s silhouette from afar. He goes back every evening to observe the young girl, getting closer every night until he comes to the window and takes a close look. He discovers that the young woman is a mermaid, who invites him in, and a discussion about life, love and destiny ensues, he teaches the young mermaid about the moon, the sun, perfume and love. She reveals to him that she has been cast out onto dry land to atone for a fault and to die after exactly one month.

The man is in love but the fatal hour arrives, the woman, not knowing what fate is, continues to ask questions as a little girl who wants to learn everything about life. Midnight is about to ring its knell and the man opens the door of the cottage and goes out, not wanting to see his mermaid die. He kicks the waves, watching the full moon light up the sky, his face confused as to why she doesn’t know the moon.
The mysterious girl gets up and leaves her mermaid’s garb, which covers her true nature of woman, all her splendour as a woman, facing the sea she watches the fisherman rage against fate, and thinks to herself that finally, man since the path of Eve, has not changed.

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