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KERKORREL – 20 Jaar Later  ▶️

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  • 2022
  • Niel Van Deventer - SOUTH AFRICA


Already in 1986, Johannes Kerkorrel was active as a South African singer-songwriter in the South African protest movement against apartheid. Most of his songs were banned on South African radio, and the resulting Voëlvry (‘Outlaw’) tour caused quite a stir in South Africa. In melodious Afrikaans, he satirized politicians for almost fifteen years and held up a painful mirror to white South Africa. His debut LP ‘Eet Kreef’ became a commercial success despite the refusal of the official state radio to broadcast its songs. A total boycott drove Kerkorrel to the Netherlands and Flanders in 1990. His discovery there happened with the song ‘Hillbrow.’ The release of ‘Awuwa (Zij wil dansen),’ a duet with Stef Bos, marked his true breakthrough with the wider public in 1993. Tours and festival performances followed, three CDs were released in the Benelux, and he became a regular columnist for the Radio 1 program ‘Het einde van de wereld.

Regie: Niel van Deventer
Producer: Niel van Deventer

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