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Koukou, a 20-year-old boy, lives in a village in the high mountains of Kabylie.In the village, Koukou disturbs by his look and his original behavior. Bad view by the committee elders of the village and by his father, they decide to intern him in a psychiatric asylum. His brother Mahmoud, a philosophy teacher in a high school in Bejaia, hears the news. He is outraged by the committee’s decision. During his stay in the village, Mahmoud leads a daily fight for his convincing son father and the village elders of his brother’s innocence. But in the face of morality and order established, Mahmoud can do nothing. Desperate, he drives his brother out of the village.

Producers: Ahmed Agoune, Cherif Aggoune
Interpreters: Kouceila Mustapha, Mohamed Lefkir

Lead Cast

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