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Director, screenwriter and urban poet born in Oujda grew up in Ksar el Kebir, a small town in northern Morocco. Fascinated by the theater and driven by the desire to become a comedian, he began performing monologues at the age of 13. His academic course begins with studies in computer science. A world he left in 2012 to study cinema in Marrakech. This is where he directed several short films (Mémoire, Sans Titre) which will have a bit of echo throughout Morocco.
In 2014, Oussama launched on the internet a concept “Machi fenane” (From the Moroccan dialect meaning: I am not an artist) in which he highlights his love for urban poetry and the art of video.
Wanting to explore new horizons, he began a new chapter in his life by going to Tunisia in 2014, where he joined ESAD to study filmmaking. He notably produced “Le Silencieux”, which gave him international recognition, through several recognized festivals.

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