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Saadia Azgoun

is a Moroccan actress, seen in the film Chaiba, the peasant woman of the arts. Little known to the French public, it is in Morocco that the actress devotes most of her career. From 1995, she turned under the direction of Hamid Benani in the film The prayer of the absent. The story of a young man from a bourgeois family who, during the resistance and the struggle for independence in the 1950s, involuntarily brought about the downfall of Yamna. The spectator then finds her in 2001 in the road movie Le Cheval de vent in the role of Mina, then in the guise of a supervisor in the comedy Number One, notably with Chantal Ladesou. In 2015, Saadia Azgoun was chosen for interpreting the painter Chaibia Talal in the biography Chaibia, the peasant woman of the arts directed by Youssef Britel. Since 2012, the actress has also appeared in the cast of the television series Bnat Lalla Mennana.

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