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Latefa Ahrar

Is a Moroccan actress, born November 12, 1971 in Meknes.
She began her career on television with Bent Lafchouch (Girl spoiled) by Abdelatif Ayachi in 1990. Then, she joined ISADAC where she obtained her diploma in 1995. Since then, she has obtained numerous awards for her interpretations. She recently played in Tony Gatlif’s Exils or worked on Rachid Bouchareb’s Indigènes and The man who sold the world. She is involved in many humanitarian causes.

In 2009, she played at the Douleur Sous Lance Theater of Eduardo De Filippo, adapted in Moroccan dialect by Abdellatif Firdaous, directed by Karim Troussi and performed with Hicham Ibrahimi and Henri Thomas of the Compagnie du Jour.

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