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Is a Moroccan actress, born in 1981 in Agadir.
The launch took place in 2004 by chance, at a time when her twin sister, “Dimna” was called upon to work in the first artwork, a TV movie called “Shalah and Punishment Fasia”, The Circumstances of Her Travel. sister out of the homeland wanted Kalila to represent her sister. In this successful film, the second work will be “A School Diary” with Channel Four. In 2007, she shot a new movie, “Fenida. She also starred in the first Hassaniya movie, “Four Bedrooms. After that, she starred in several works of art, such as the Ramadan series “Forever”, then “Karima”, and participated in the TV movie “Rahimou, then” revenge “and” schizophrenia “.
On the cinema side, she starred in the film “Silver Tears” directed by Mourad Boussef, then the film “The Road to Kabul” by Ibrahim Al Shukairy, which was a great success.

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