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Hakim Traidia

Is a Dutch-Algerian theater artist and mime artist , who is best known to the general public for his role in Sesame Street.
Was born in the Algerian village of Besbes. He followed a theater and pantomime training in France and later in the Netherlands, where he came in the late 1970s. Initially he showed his arts mainly on the Leidseplein in Amsterdam . In the mid-1980s he ended up on Sesame Street , making his national breakthrough.
Hakim Traïdia’s appearances on Sesame Street are only part of his activities. Besides that, he also does television and theater appearances, tells stories and writes books. His gift for storytelling developed in his youth. He grew up in a world without television, in which storytelling played an important role. His father and especially his uncle Achmed were storytellers. In order not to forget these stories, Traïdia wrote them down, and in 1996 they appeared in book form as the collection De zandkroon . This book, which he made together with his brother Karim and partner Martien van Vuure , was awarded a Flag and Wimpel in 1997.of the Granger jury. In 2001 the successor, Sindbad the pizza delivery , was published, which he made again together with Martien van Vuure. The book is based on their show Sindbad the Navigator .
In 2006 the NTR started the multicultural television program Vals plat . From the start, Traïdia enters into confrontations with the public on the street in order to get a response to numerous subjects and sheds light on the multicultural society. He also had a leading role in the film Pizza Mafia (2011) by director Tim Oliehoek . In the video clip Maskerman (2014) by Stef Bos , Traïdia once again played a leading role. The song Maskerman comes from the album Beautiful crazy world .
Since October 2020, Traïdia can be seen as the character Sami El Amrani in the RTL 4 soap Good times, bad times . [1]

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