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Fatima Bouchane

Moroccan actress, screenwriter, playwright, translator and director.
Fatima BOUCHANE is an actress. She is known her role of “Hajja Aicha” in the comedy “LHAJJATES / Les Pèlerines – لحاجات” directed by Mohamed Achaour (2017) where she is credited under the name of Fatima Bouchain. She translated a novel into Berber. She wrote a play as well as a screenplay film. The “Cinema and Migrations” Festival of Agadir (Morocco) paid tribute to him during its 13th edition (from November 15 to 19, 2016). As an Arabic-speaking and Amazigh-speaking actress, she has worked in films either in the Darija language or in Amazigh. “It was at the age of 16 that the actress discovered her passion for the verb and the poetic word. She subsequently became a” tannaddamet “. Self-taught, Fatima Bouchane took her first steps in the field of audiovisual around the 90s. In addition, the actress has interpreted several roles in Amazigh and Moroccan films including “Hammou Ounamir” and “Douiba”, directed by Fatima Boubkdi. Moreover, the Moroccan public discovers her face at through his first film entitled “Ghaylliik kerzeimguert” “, writes Mohamed Nait Youssef (Al Bayane)
“After her primary studies, Fatima Bouchane discovered a penchant for Arabic and Amazigh poetry. At the age of 16, she became a tannaddamet like the Amazigh innadamen of Souss. She made her debut in audiovisual production during the 90s, with her first film Ghaylli ikkerze imguert. Self-taught, Fatima Bouchane has become, through research and personal efforts, an excellent make-up artist much sought after by Moroccan directors. She has acted in films like Hammou Ounamir and Douiba by Fatima Boubkdi. Manhouss Ou Zadouh Kadouss (THE POISSEUX) by Brahim Chkiri “, Tahar Houchi tells us.

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