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Jurys, MFF-2024

Jurys Features Films, MFF 2024

President of the jury -MFF 2024

Annemiek van Gorp

Annemiek van Gorp is a Dutch producer known for “Shangri – La Paradise”, “10 Songs for Charity”, The Mystery of the Sardines”, “C’est dèjà l’Été” and many other films, fiction & documentary.


Born in Algeria. Joint Swiss and Algerian citizenship. Received a degree in French Literature and Linguistics, a diploma in Development Studies and a diploma in French Language, Literature and Civilisation. Works as journalist and film critic. Founder and artistic director of the Oriental Film Festival of Geneva.


Wahid Sanouji is an actor and filmmaker. Born in Morocco, Wahid lives in the Netherlands. He studied law, art and French literature and worked as an actor in several countries. Wahid Sanouji is known for The Way to Paradise (2021), Burka (2022) and The Decision (2014).


Algerian actress. Born in Constantine - Algeria, she graduated with a degree in political science and international relations from the Mentouri University of Constantine, as well as a degree in dramatic art from the Institut Supérieur des Métiers des Arts du Spectacle et de l'audio- visual (I.S.M.A.S) in Algiers. Known for her roles in Algerian films “Harraga Blues”, “Le Patio”, “Le Puits” et “Chroniques de mon Village”.


Rene Goossens is a Dutch producer known for “Shangri – La Paradise”, “10 Songs for Charity”, The Mystery of the Sardines”, “C’est dèjà l’Été” and many other films, fiction & documentary.

Jurys Short Films, MFF 2024


Born in Alkmaar and has been living in Haarlem for almost 20 years. Petra joined the local improv company TarTrek. After studying Dutch, she started working as a communication consultant and trainer. She is always looking for the story, the message and how it is conveyed. In her spare time, she enjoys watching art-house films.


Born and raised in Haarlem, Serge joined the local improv company TarTrek (no s please) in 2008. It became his family, and he has shown his appreciation by being their chairman since 2013. In his spare time, Serge works as a role-playing actor and volunteers in neighbourhood mediation. He took part in two of Hakim Traidia's short film projects, just for fun. He takes an interest in foreign cultures and is therefore delighted to have been asked to be a juror in this year's Maghreb festival.


Dalil Belkhoudir, a contemporary Algerian-Italian director and visual artist, was born in Annaba on October 17, 1972. After moving to Rome in the late 1980s, he earned a geology doctorate from La Sapienza University in 2000. Active in Rome's cultural scene, he co-founded the cultural association "Politecnico XX Arte," organizing exhibitions across Europe. Dalil is the president of the Association of Arts & Cultural Promotion in Algeria and a jury member in various international festivals.


Mohamed Bouzia (1976) was born in Morocco. In the Netherlands he studied International Management at the Haarlem University of Applied Sciences. He then studied media studies, management and marketing in Angers, France. Back in the Netherlands, Bouzia worked at various channels. He was an editor/reporter at the NPS and a program maker at Colorful Radio. For the Public Broadcaster he was, among other things, editor and coordinator for the radio programs on Radio 5. Bouzia is currently a teacher of economics and media, freelance journalist and program maker. He is also an advisor for various bodies in the field of diversity, art and culture.

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