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Film Listing 2018

In 2018, the first Maghreb International Film Festival (MFF) was launched from Circus Hakim. The films were screened in at least six locations in Haarlem, including the Circus Hakim theater (120 seats), the cultural and debate center De Pletterij (80 seats). at the Hogeschool In Holland (250 places) at the Theater Elswout (60 places), the Badhuis (50 places) and ABC (60).

The Maghreb Film Festival is the only premier North African independent film festival in Haarlem offering films to better understand the other complexity of Maghreb cinema, rich and sometimes subtle. The festival highlights a living (young) cinematographic tradition, characterized by the reciprocal influence of the Maghreb and Europe.

The initiators of the MFF are two brothers; Karim Traïdia, Dutch and Algerian director and screenwriter, Hakim Traïdia, better known as Hakim, man of the theatre, screenwriter and director, is known to the eponymous public (and particularly to the general public) because of his eponymous role in Sesame Street . Both were born in Besbes in Algeria and have been involved for years in the coordination and management of various Arab film festivals and workshops in the Maghreb, as well as in the direction and production of films.

For the first edition of the Maghreb Film Festival, twelve feature films and as many short films that have never been screened in the Netherlands have been selected.

Should download  The Film listing 2018  for more information on these films. Have fun!

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