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  • In uncle Salem country ▶️

    Tunisia, September 2013
    There is only a fortnight left before the beginning of the school year. Uncle Salem, guardian of a small country school, begins rudimentary maintenance. Anxious about the state of the flag, he decides to go for a new one.
    Uncle Salem moves towards the city, where the reverberations of a betrayed revolution run through the minds and streets.

  • AICHA ▶️

    MAROC – On the outskirts of a big city, in a traditional house, Aicha, a young woman of 26, leads a monotonous lifestyle. During the day, she takes care of the household chores and pampers her sick and bedridden elderly mother. In the evening, Aicha leaves the house …

  • SOTRA ▶️

    A patriot during the black decade, Rahim courageously bore arms against terrorists. He will keep indelible wounds and will lose loved ones. Twenty years later, the father is prostrate in his apartment with his books and his poodle. From the window of his apartment in an aging city, he witnesses the daily verbal attacks suffered by his daughter Kahina from Karim, a young man from the neighborhood who combines drug addiction and Islamist discourse. Will Rahim remain a prisoner of his traumas or finally act to change things?

  • NOT NOW ▶️

    A certain idea of ​​sugar in which an individual thinks of which we do not know the exact cause.Youssef has a good situation, he doesn’t lack for anything, but is looking for something better as indefinite as happiness.
    So, being sure to commit suicide, he decided to offer his goods to those in need since he wants to leave, and that’s when he discovers a kind of happiness but despite everything he Insists on suicide as it is the same day that will be convinced to find a way to stay alive.

  • NO▶️

    The film tells the story of a young man who dislikes women and refuses to have sex with them. Because of this, people in his village think he is a homosexual which angered his older brother who educated him and therefore decided to marry him. The wedding day reveals its secret to us.


    Mohamed is deeply shaken and suspicious when his estranged eldest son Malek returns home from Syria to rural Tunisia with a mysterious young wife in tow. The emotional complexities of a family reunion and past wounds lead to tragic consequences.

  • ROUGH CUT ▶️

    Laarbi, an old projectionist works in a movie theater that is isolated in the countryside and is on its way to definite closure. Salman discovers, while arranging the affairs of his grandfather, old pieces of film. This is the trigger that gives him an idea that will transform the future of this Movie theater….

  • GONE ▶️

    “Il Reviendra” – Algeria 1997, forty-something Salem spends his last day in his hairdressing salon, he plans to stop his activity definitively and sell his premises, a few moments before closing, a man and his 8-year-old son Zaki enter the salon, the father insists on leave the child with Salem explaining that he has something important to do and that he will come back for him shortly after. Salem starts cutting the little one’s hair while chatting with him, when suddenly a loud explosion sounds, a terrorist attack has just been committed in a nearby street, at nightfall, the father has still not returned, Salem finds himself alone with Zaki.

  • Spring Postponed ▶️

    Printemps Reporté -A small Algerian family who, by choice or by force, leave the capital (Algiers) to settle elsewhere … in Bejaïa. Even if the problems associated with these trips may appear or be more widely discussed, this is not the main subject of this short film …
    In all these stories, it is mostly about humble human beings who adapt or survive in a world totally different from the one they left …

  • HOURIA ▶️

    Every year, on the anniversary of the death of her husband, Houria, an old vegetable seller, tries to establish the truth as to the conditions of his departure. She finds herself confronted with the police forces of the village who is vehemently opposed to it.

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