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  • Hala Madrid…Visca Barça ▶️

    The film restores the usual atmosphere created by the fans during Clasico Barça vs Real.The story takes place in a popular district, where a powerful Barbu (Boulahwajeb), leads a hunt for the Barça fan. Sample of all the arenas of a wrestling, a real battle and a squabble that rarely stops and knows its apogee at the approach of each Clasico.

  • The Way to PARADISE

    (Not Available Online.
    Will be Projected at CIRCUS HAKIM : June 19, 2021 – 20H.)

    (Najib, a young Moroccan born in The Netherlands, has just graduated from law school and aspires to get his master’s degree. Because his older brother is being arrested for criminal activities, Najib is now required to take care of his family overnight. Events are jostling in his life. He abandons his studies and fails to meet the needs on his own. Being on the verge of despair, he is approached by Brahim who offers him help. The latter will exploit the of vulnerability and finally convinces him to fight the “holy war”.)

  • MATARES ▶️

    Mona, an 8-year-old Ivorian who fled the Ivory Coast, settled with her mother in Tipasa, an Algerian coastal town known for its Roman ruins ‘Matares’. To pay the smuggler who will take it to Italy with his father, Mona sells flowers to tourists. Unfortunately, the Roman ruins of ‘Matares’ are the preserve of Said, a 10-year-old Algerian who also sells flowers. A feeling of hatred will spring up in the heart of the boy who will make war on this weird girl who speaks to the flowers, a ‘disbeliever who does not believe in Allah but in Jesus and who steals the living bread of a Muslim.

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